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Going to College

Can be really overwhelming. There is so much to do and so many things to file, how do you even know where to start?

The majority of high school students intend to go on to college after graduation but many of those students say they feel under-prepared.

almost 2.5 million students will be applying to college this year.

How will you stand out in the admissions crowd?

9ith almost 70% of high school graduates going on to some type of college or university, the college admissions process has never been more competitive. Students and parents report feeling overwhelmed by the application process, and frustrated at the lack of transparency of college rankings and decision making process.

These feelings are completely normal and we hear them from the parents and students we work with everyday. College is a significant investment both in time and money and you want to make sure you and your child are making the best possible decison for your family. You can choose to tackle the process on your own and spend hours scouring online forums and comparing test scores with hundreds of other students.


You can use the resources provided to you by your student’s high school. In the US the average counselor to student ratio is 491 to 1, but in states such as California it can be has high as 950 to 1. In public schools counselors report spending less than 22% of their time focused on college counseling, less than half that of private school counselors, who still only report spending 55% of their time on preparing their students for life after high school.


You can work with a professional independent college advisor who will use their decades of industry experience to help you and your child navigate the college admissions process and choose the best school for your student. Hiring your own counselor means you know you are getting the individual attention your student deserves and the piece of mind that comes with working with a proven professional. We have been working with students for almost two decades in higher education, and for the first time we are putting all of our knowledge into an easy to follow at home online course that can be done anytime, anywhere.

Introducing the GuideTo.College. The premiere online course for navigating the college admissions process.

introducing Guide To.College!

Module 1: Choosing the RIght School

What to do each year of high school to be ready for college admissions. This master class outlines everything you need to do for each year of high school in order to be ready for applications.

How to compare colleges. This lesson will outline the different types of colleges and universities including accreditation, public vs private as well as the different types of degrees available.

Choosing the right school for you. How to compare schools to find the one that’s best for you. 40% of students do not graduate from the school they initially attend. This lesson will help you make the right choice the first time.

Degree options. What is the difference between an AA and an AS? What about undergrad vs graduate school? Should you plan to go for a masters degree?

Researching a college. Campus visits, websites, and social media, here’s how to research a college properly and why you shouldn’t just rely on artificial rankings.

Module 2: The Application Process

Creating a high school resume. What are colleges looking for in a resume, and how can you make sure yours highlights all of your achievements.

Extracurricular activities. How to showcase your talents and hobbies.

Writing the college essays. There is a specific formula for writing a winning college essay, and we show you how.

SAT & ACT Tests. Understanding the differences between the tests and which one you should take starts here.

Exploring the Common Application. In this lesson we explore the common app and how you can use it to apply to college.

Assessing your Probability of Admission. What is the difference between a safety, fit, and reach school?

The Application Timeline. There are only 242 days between applications opening and college decision day. This section will keep you on track to meet all the deadlines.

Module 3: You Got in! What’s next?

Most college admissions help stops once you recieve your acceptance. But there is still so much to do before your first day of class! This module covers what to between high school graduation and your first day of college.

Countdown to Day 1. There is so much that needs to happen between getting in and getting to campus. This lesson covers it all.

Academics. Meeting your academic advisor and tracking college credits is one of the biggest trouble spots for students.

College Orientation. What is it and what do you need to know?

Moving to Campus. Will you be planning to live on or off campus? What should you be sure to pack and what can you leave behind?

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Lifetime access to All of these modules and lessons

The high school master class

Everything your student should be doing each year of high school to maximize their time and be ready for college admission applications.

What a college application entails and how to make sure yours stands out

Resumes, extracurriculas, testing, and the college essay are all covered.

Understanding the different types of colleges and degree options

Associates, bachelors, masters, and doctoral work; which degree suits your career aspirations best?

Making the college admissions process as stress free as possible

Trusted guidance from a professional who has helped thousands of students get into and through college on time.

Choosing the right school for your needs

College is a significant investment and stand taking the time to understand what aspects are most important to you will save you time and money.

Facebook Community

A supportive private Facebook Group exclusively for Guide To College students and parents to collaborate, ask questions, as well as bonus FB live events.

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